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WeAreReGeneration,  in service of a Free Humanity on a Thriving Earth and the regenerative practices of how to get there.

It’s not about climate change...

or about a virus, or a crisis, or any other enemy to battle, but about taking the opportunity to transform ourselves as human beings, as humanity, as a civilisation.

So we can consciously choose our reality and become the 'generation of regeneration' we need.

Ecosystems worldwide are in imbalance, species are disappearing, resources are getting depleted, soil and water are degenerated, and global human wellbeing is under pressure... Luckily humans and planet do own an innate ingenious self-restoring mechanism, which if we only give it the space and opportunity can do just that, regenerate. This movement of regenerative transformation is gaining momentum, urging each and every one of us to join our hearts, heads and hands with it !

Many of us have been dealing with personal shadows, triggers, traumas, suppressed longings, etc. Turning inwards makes it possible to feel the connection with the Self, to face unconscious negative beliefs, and to consciously choose to heal our own reality.

It is now time to also turn our attention to the collective healing process. If we really want to wake up together in a New World, society as a whole has to go trough a sobering self-analysis as well. It would look at itself in the mirror honestly and vulnerably, question itself, admit its flaws, acknowledge its 'not-knowing', surrender to forgiveness, and be brave enough to let go of those structures, patterns and beliefs, systems and institutions that keep us stuck in a dead-end downward spiral.

Impurities are surfacing, manipulation is being uncovered, and individuals stop accepting what is based on untruth. It is thanks to this letting go of 'that which we have come to accept as normal', that change is possible.

This collective metamorphosis, as a civilisation, as a human family, might be challenging, but can bring us closer to our true selves and each other, committed to a more free and more connected life, where abundance thrives for all human children and for all non-human life.

Our longing is justified, beautiful and necessary to guide us home to belonging.

Belonging to our bodies, to our souls, to our lives and to this beautifully abundant planet.

Instead of accentuating the problems, we focus on spreading the possible solutions, instead of broadcasting fear, we nourish Love and Trust, instead of maintaining separation (from Source, from our true potential, from each other, ...), we support connection.

Because how we look at the world has direct impact on the reality we live. It is therefor essential to give our attention to what it is we do want, not to what we don't want.

Many great thinkers (Yuval Harari, Charles Eisenstein, e.a. ... ) express our need for a New Story.

We all feel, and the reality we live in shows us, that the current, old story is coming to its end.

Humanity needs a Story, a peaceful, empowering, liberating, meaningful and trustful view on the world. It is by drawing, feeling, nourishing and living the beautiful image of a free humanity on a thriving Earth, that it will seep into our collective consciousness and become our reality.

WeAreReGeneration is in service of the drawing, writing and living of this thriving New Story of all-including Re-Generation.

'How we look at the world has direct impact on the reality we create together.'

WeAreReGeneration aims to inspire, activate and live the transition into a healed reality, with a free humanity on a thriving planet. We are in service of raising awareness around what is necessary and possible for the regeneration of our human and natural ecosystems. We want to show that solutions, shifts and new paradigms are already here, now and that it is up to us to choose them. Humanity needs a quantum shift, and we are ready to take the leap. We are being presented with the opportunity to become response-able, to become adult, to heal ourselves and our surroundings simultaneously. What we see, what we hear, what we think, experience and feel, defines largely what we believe and how we act. Our current view on reality is very limiting since the Story, our collective conscious and unconscious beliefs, is permeated with the paradigm and patterns of separation.

Separation from Source (the Universal Intelligence, Love, Creator, Truth, Essence, God, ...), from our true selves and our potential, from Nature, from Life itself, from each other, from our bodies, ... When we free ourselves from this blinding, and connect to the liveliness of Life, we can see how powerful and significant we are as humans, as a species. By stepping out of separation and fear we give ourselves and each other the opportunity to live fully, at home and safe in a meaningful world we create together, a human community based on a worldview of Connection.

During this transforming process it is extremely valuable to be fed and supported by the beautiful image of a healed collective Story we wholeheartedly want to be a part of.

WeAreReGeneration offers this support by drawing the context and by illustrating the possible reality that is based on this New Story, so we can really feel it and live it.

We do this online and trough social media, but also live in circle, on events, and with real action.

Furthermore each of you is invited to be a part of #WeAreReGeneration in your own way, because together we make the movement grow exponentially, even just by fully being our true selves and radiating that unapologetically. We are writing the New Story while exploring it, deepening it and embodying it.

We want to urge you all to be a part of this greater movement by taking #WeAreReGeneration initiatives, action etc., so ReGeneration becomes an inevitable fact !

Our own healing is in becoming the generation of regeneration.

WE ARE ReGeneration organiseert 'ReGeneration Cirkels' :

omdat we ervan overtuigd zijn dat samenkomen in cirkel uitermate waardevol is in het proces van individueel en collectief maatschappelijk helen, in het proces van het openen naar een nieuw wereldbeeld van co-creatie...

dankzij de gedeelde kwetsbaarheid en kracht,

dankzij de dynamiek en gedragenheid van een groep,

omdat de cirkel het individuele overstijgt,

omdat de cirkel inspireert tot waarheid en vertrouwen,

omdat de cirkel een gevoel van thuis komen creëert,

omdat het gezellig is

én efficiënt medicijn tegen existentiële eenzaamheid


In cirkel worden er waardevolle woorden uitgewisseld, worden er uitdagende thema's aangereikt, worden we uitgenodigd uit onze comfort zone te treden, om zo te ervaren wat het betekent echt verbonden te leven, vanuit hart en ziel.

Omdat niet enkel ons hoofd en ratio belangrijk zijn maar ook ons lichaam en voelen, integreren we regelmatig een fysieke ervaring in de cirkel, dat kan gaan van meditatie, tot dans , muziek, ceremonie, etc...

Check onze data en locaties of nodig ons uit...

Wil je meer lezen over het terug in balans brengen van het mannelijke en het vrouwelijke in onszelf en onze maatschappij , over het verenigen van hemel en aarde, van geest en hart ? Dan kan je mijn boek hierover lezen, 'Re-wilding, een zoektocht naar een vrouwelijk wereldbeeld', geprint op niet gecoat, 100% gerecycleerd papier, geschreven, geëdit en geïllustreerd met maximale liefde.

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